Regent’s Park College is one of the 44 colleges/permanent halls affiliated with the University of Oxford. Those unfamiliar with Oxford might be surprised to find out that the University itself is actually made up of several independent colleges who cooperate in a larger scheme of higher education. Though the analogy is imperfect, the relationship between the University and the various colleges is similar to the relationship between the federal government of the United States and the states themselves. In 1957, Regent’s Park College was awarded the status of a “permanent private hall,” and since then its students have been fully matriculated members of the University with access to all its resources.

Located in the center of Oxford (within walking distance of almost everything), Regent’s Park is a small community of scholars with just over 100 students. Due in part to the intimate size, Regent’s Park has come to be known as a friendly place with a strong sense of community.  Georgetown College students who spend time at Regent’s frequently enjoy establishing lasting friendships with the other undergraduates in residence at the college.

For students who are regularly enrolled, Regent’s Park offers a full range of courses of study including English Literature, PPE (Oxford’s Philosophy, Politics, and Economics course), History, Modern Languages, Classics, Human Sciences, and Geography, and their main specializations are in Theology and Philosophy with Theology.

Regent’s Park College, like Georgetown College, is a Baptist institution with the twofold commitment to provide an excellent education and opportunities to explore and develop a ‘Christian mind’ about the world and academic learning.