One of the key goals of the partnership established between Regent’s Park College and Georgetown College was to make available to Georgetown faculty members opportunities for research or professional development at the University of Oxford.  To help facilitate this goal, faculty have been granted access to a three bedroom, two bathroom flat (summer months) or a one bedroom, one bathroom flat (when Oxford is in session) in Regent’s Park College which will provide a living and working space for those who have submitted successful research or professional development proposals to the Provost of Georgetown College.

Those who are staying in the flat will be granted Senior Common Room and dining privileges in college.  Regent’s Park College will also assist Georgetown faculty in application for a University Card which grants visiting scholar privileges.

Faculty from all disciplines are encouraged to submit proposals.   Around 30 Georgetown faculty members representing 10 departments and all five divisions have spent time in the flat accomplishing some work relevant to their research, writing, or teaching.  Trip durations range from less than a week all the way to a semester, but most projects typically fall somewhere in the middle.  Full privileges as a visiting scholar at Oxford typically requires at least a month-long stay.  Professors who have been granted sabbatical leaves are especially encouraged to apply.

Check out the Faculty Stories link to see what some of your colleagues have been up to!

Please contact the Director of Oxford Programs if you have questions.