The Oxford Programs at Georgetown College offer students a variety of unique opportunities to complete some portion of their program of study through Regent’s Park College in the University of Oxford. Regent’s Park College has been one of the permanent private halls at Oxford University since 1957, and it shares with Georgetown College a commitment to provide a rigorous education in an intentionally Christian context.  Georgetown College established a partnership with Regent’s Park in 1998 opening the door for our students to study at Oxford in a variety of programs.

Oxford Programs

Tutorial Program

After a careful and rigorous preparation at Georgetown, students in our Oxford Tutorial Program study through Regent’s Park College at Oxford for one or two semesters of their junior or senior year. Students from Georgetown have completed work at Oxford in English Literature, Theology, History, Philosophy, Economics, Art History, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, Foreign Languages (Spanish), Classics, and Mathematics.

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The Oxford Honors Scholars Program

A  special “Oxford Honors” track of the Honors Program has been created to  combine the best of both programs (Honors and Oxford).  The program offers rigorous training and development for students who would like to study at Oxford through our  Tutorial Program.  Those designated as “Oxford Honors Scholars” also receive an additional $1,000 yearly stipend above and beyond other academic awards.  Applicants should have a minimum of a 28 ACT composite score and a 3.75 (unweighted) high school GPA.   Note:  Students who do not qualify for this program are still eligible to pursue a place at Oxford as juniors or seniors, given that they possess a 3.7 college GPA.   

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Theology Programs

Those with aspirations to pursue a theological education during or after their undergraduate studies may be interested in the Oxford Theology Programs at Georgetown. Students participating in the theology programs can pursue one of two degree options. A dual degree program in theology allows students to complete a B.A. in Religion from Georgetown and a B.Th. (Bachelor of Theology) from Regent’s Park in a total of six years. We also offer an intensive B.A. in Religion which prepares students for entrance to the M.Th. (Master of Theology) program at Oxford.

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