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Winter Term a Great Opportunity for Students

Submitted on October 14, 2020

Winter term at Georgetown College serves as a great opportunity for students to stay on track or get ahead in their academic journey. It also allows students to focus intently on a particular subject, which can greatly benefit students in some key areas.

This winter, Georgetown is aiming to make winter term even more beneficial to students, offering currently enrolled Georgetown undergraduate students the chance to take one course for $500. Currently, a single credit hour at the college is $485, so taking a course for $500 represents a significant savings for students looking to take advantage of winter term.

There are several course options available to students this upcoming winter, including Foundations and Core courses, which are required for students to graduate. Students may register for winter term courses when they register for spring courses. The winter term begins on November 30 with classes wrapping up on January 11. This year, due to the shift to shorter subsessions, the college is able to offer students a longer winter term. All winter term courses will take place online.

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