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ON WE GO!- May 1, 2019

Submitted on May 1, 2019

The day has come for my final President’s Perspective. As you are probably aware, I will soon be stepping away from the presidency, as Carolyn and I will be relocating to our home in North Carolina. It has been a great honor to be servants of Georgetown College. We will leave with many warm feelings and with an abiding appreciation for the College, for its worthy mission, and for the many people who love it so dearly and support it so faithfully.


Thank you for allowing me to reach out to you each week over the past few years. If my records are correct, my first such Perspective went out on January 21, 2015. Throughout the ensuing years, I have enjoyed sharing the weekly segments with you, and I hope that you have enjoyed them as well. 


Through the years, I have received many e-mail and other comments in response to my Perspectives. One such response came from a reader last year who stated, “Heck, we never met, but thanks to your perspectives, I feel like we have.”  That remark meant a lot to me, for while I have, indeed, met many of you personally, I am glad that for others we have been able to share together through the Perspectives.


As I depart, be assured that I wish you the very best. Please remember that Georgetown College needs your support every year. I hope that you will do your best to extend it your good care and generous support.


For now, and perhaps until such time as I enter the ‘blogging world,’


On We Go!


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