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ON WE GO! March 6, 2019

Submitted on March 6, 2019

Words and phrases such as ‘milestone,’ ‘record,’ and ‘all-time high’ are exciting and inspiring in almost any field. During my time at Georgetown, there have been a few instances when such terms could accurately be used in describing the College’s achievements. One that is especially exciting occurred only recently. This past February 28th, our Admissions Office recorded from our pool of prospective students an all-time high number of deposits for next year’s enrollment. On that date, for the first time in the records of the College, over 200 deposits had been received by the end of February. August 2019 is still several months away, but the current pace of attracting prospective students is certainly record-setting. 

Heartiest congratulations to our Admissions personnel, our coaches, and all others who have assisted them to this point. Keep up the good work!

On We Go!


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