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ON WE GO! - April 10, 2019

Submitted on April 9, 2019

Spring graduation at Georgetown is one month away.  As it approaches, ‘preparation’ becomes a key aim for the students, their families, and for the College.  One of the components for me is a letter that I share with our graduates.  It is a letter to each student, and its content is of congratulations, encouragement, and hope.  I thought you might appreciate seeing a couple of selected excerpts from that letter:


We pray that your life will be blessed, and that through you many others in this world will be blessed as well.  The worthy aims of Christian higher education are for students to be prepared to serve in whatever their chosen fields may be, to enjoy better lives, and to strive to make the world better for other people.  We hope that Georgetown has helped establish those aims in you.


We hope that as your years move along you will remain connected and actively engaged with Georgetown College and with those with whom you have formed associations.  So many alumni before you remain connected to the College because of their wonderful experiences here, and because they know it is worthy of their involvement and support. We invite you to share that same commitment, as we gladly thank you in advance for continuing to cherish Georgetown College as an important and on-going part of your life experience.


On We Go!


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