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ON WE GO! - Weekly President's Perspective from Dr. Greene - January 24, 2018

ON WE GO! – January 24, 2018

Submitted on January 24, 2018

Yesterday was a grand day at Georgetown College! At 11:00 a.m., we celebrated ‘Founders' Day,’ and were stirred in that ceremony by the address of former Georgetown history professor, Dr. Lindsey Apple. Probably no one knows Georgetown College history better than Dr. Apple, no one loves the College more, no one served it more faithfully, and no one is held in higher esteem in the eyes of his former students and colleagues. That package of qualifications led to an address that flowed with stimulating details about the founding of the College, and how the founding ideals have had to be continually renewed through the course of many decades.

A central component of the ceremony was the induction of two couples into the Georgetown College Hall of Fame. Tom and Mary Ann Dowling, and Franklin and Debra Ensor were inducted. All four of these individuals have brought honor to their alma mater, as their lives have demonstrated loyalty to their College, to their Lord, and to the betterment of communities that they touched. Indeed, I considered it a high privilege to affirm them with Hall of Fame recognition.

There was one other dimension to the day that elevated it beyond the normal flow, and that was a Phonathon blitz planned and coordinated by Georgetown College alumni. Think of the opposite of ceremony and solemnity, and you have what transpired in Knight Hall last evening. It was high energy, high enjoyment, and high success, as alumni staffed the phones, while a Facebook Live session hosted numerous guests from across the College community. The operation went on for over three hours. The pizza may have gotten cold, but everything else about the evening was warm and wonderful. Thank you, alumni!

On We Go!

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