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Producing Results at an Affordable Rate

Submitted on December 9, 2019

Georgetown College makes a difference in people’s lives, and always has, because the college has always focused on preparing students for the next step, whether that is ministry or business or going on to medical school.

This focus is why the college has been named first in Kentucky for getting a job or getting into graduate school six months after graduation two years in a row, according to Federal IPEDS data. It’s why Georgetown is ranked in the top 60 nationally in social mobility, according to the US News and World Report. Students come to Georgetown College and leave far better off than when they came. It’s that simple.

As tuition rates around the county keep going up, Georgetown College strives to keep its education available and affordable to as many students as possible. Federal data shows that Georgetown College’s net price was lower than at some of the larger and better known state schools in the area in 2018-2019, the most recent year for which data is available. This is only possible because of the wide array of scholarship opportunities that generous alumni and donors support at GC.

Each academic year, countless students take advantage of these scholarship opportunities and make GC better. For example, the Distinguished Scholarship, a full-tuition scholarship awarded to two top scholars each year, allows students to attend who are paradigmatic Georgetown College students.

This past fall, Sarah Bolton ‘23 and Isabella Back ’23 entered GC as the recipients of the Distinguished Scholarship. On why she decided to come to Georgetown College, Bolton said, “I quickly realized through my senior year that I didn't want to be a name on a roster of 500 or more in a Gen Ed course at a huge school.”

Back, meanwhile, was excited to dive into college and learn new things. “I know I want to learn. I am so excited about the opportunity to study things I never had the chance to in high school.”

Beyond the Distinguished Scholarship, GC also offers the Georgetown College Presidential Scholarship ($25,000), the Georgetown College Founders Scholarship ($20,000-$24,000), and the Georgetown College Heritage Scholarship ($8,000-$19,000). Not only that, but Georgetown College also offers competitive scholarships linked to the Programs of Distinction.

These programs, in areas such as Pre-Law, Health, Theatre, Science Honors, Equine Scholars, Christian Scholars, and the famous Oxford Honors Program (which allows students the once in a lifetime opportunity to study for a semester at Oxford University) ensure that students not only receive a championship-level education of the heart and mind, but they help many students further reduce the cost of tuition at GC.

Georgetown College also strives to make tuition affordable to all families, including those who otherwise would struggle to afford this premier education. The GC Guarantee: Pell Pledge Scholarship, which guarantees that any student eligible to receive the Pell Grant and who maintains at least a 2.5 GPA will have no increase in tuition for four years at GC, is one way of fulfilling this mission. This scholarship automatically applies to all eligible students.

These various scholarships do not even count the numerous scholarships available to transfer students and outside scholarships. Georgetown College believes that you deserve the best education at an affordable rate, that you deserve to get that dream job or get into graduate school after graduation, that you deserve to be a better, happier, more fulfilled person when you leave this school than when you got here.

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