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Preparing Students for Success in Healthcare

Submitted on June 16, 2020

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the importance of healthcare workers has been on full display. These local heroes have sacrificed their own safety and health and worked tirelessly to ensure the comfort and health of so many in our communities, including family members and friends.

Georgetown College takes great pride in preparing students who wish to pursue careers in healthcare, but that preparation goes beyond simple facts and figures.

“Our science division is close-knit, and we help monitor the students in various classes and communicate with each other about how students are doing and how we can help them succeed,” said Dr. Tracy Livingston, Professor of Biology. “Students who wish to enter a pre-health field will get the opportunity to speak with knowledgeable advisers who will listen and help guide them in their chosen career path.”

In the classroom, students wishing to enter a career in healthcare can anticipate a personal and engaging education. They can also anticipate unique internship and shadowing opportunities with professionals in the field.

“We offer a unique Preceptorship class (BIO 260) where students can shadow a healthcare professional or veterinarian,” said Dr. Livingston. “We are very fortunate because this class is taught by a local physician, Dr. Ray Wechman. He not only helps the students find opportunities, but also discusses various healthcare issues such as ethics and insurance. In addition, we help students find research and internship opportunities.”

During their time at GC, students who wish to pursue medical school or graduate school in a healthcare field also receive all the training and preparation necessary to be accepted.

“Students identified as pre-medical/health are provided opportunities to hear from a variety of professionals in their desired fields from graduate/professional students, to admission professionals, and those GC alumni already in the health field,” said Director of the Graves Center for Calling and Career, Holly James. “They provide insight into the admissions process, how to be successful, and provide a preview with various professions. Faculty and the Graves Center staff communicate with professional programs to stay abreast of attributes that they seek in applicants and how we can best prepare them to be a successful applicants and students.” 

The transformational education students receive at GC truly sets them apart as they pursue medical or graduate school and careers in healthcare. After graduation, though, the close-knit environment extends to the alumni network at GC, which helps students succeed.

“Our alumni are willing to give back to students because they received so much from faculty, staff, and alumni as an undergraduate. Relationships are key, and GC naturally cultivates strong relationships,” said James.

All these factors have led to GC being one of the best preparers of medical professionals. More than 90 percent of students who apply from GC are accepted into medical school, and countless students who pursue other careers in healthcare find great success after their time at Georgetown College.

The college has also recently established a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program in Pre-Health Studies, designed to help prepare students who already have a bachelor’s degree in a non-science or pre-health field for medical school or a healthcare career. GC’s uniquely personal, individual-focused program truly sets it apart from other similar programs.

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