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Dr. Katie Rapier

One Generation of Educators to the Next

Submitted on September 25, 2019

A marker of the education Georgetown College provides its students is the success of graduates following their undergraduate work. The College is ranked number one in the state of KY for getting a job, and one aspect of this success is the desire of students to pursue graduate work, with some even pursuing careers in academia, inspired by the dedicated faculty members who guided them during their time at Georgetown College.

One such alumna is Dr. Katie Rapier ‘12, who now works as an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Boston College. She credits the faculty at Georgetown with inspiring her to pursue this career. “The faculty at GC approach their careers as a calling. They give of themselves as well as their knowledge. As an ethicist, I concern myself with the life well-lived. The faculty at GC showed me that the life well-lived can be pursued through an academic career.”

As a professor, her teaching philosophy revolves around helping students beyond her own courses, ensuring they develop skills that will benefit them consistently moving forward.  

“In my courses I strive to help students find their voice in philosophy by assigning diverse readings, promoting transferable writing skills, and fostering constructive discussion and debates. In order to learn to speak for themselves in a clear, compelling manner students must feel comfortable asking questions and sharing their perspectives in the classroom.”

Several students pursue graduate work once their time at GC comes to a close, experiencing similar professional success as Dr. Rapier. When asked if she had any advice for students who do wish to pursue further study, she advised leaning on the dedicated faculty at Georgetown College.

“Talk to your professors - they want to help you. Don't wait until senior year to pursue opportunities in your areas of interest. Doing research helps you see what graduate school in a particular field might be like. Faculty can also help you apply for conferences and other opportunities that not only help you get experience in your area but also make your graduate school application more competitive.”

Photograph by Lee Pelligrini, Boston College


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