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New Equine Scholars Director Feels Right at Home

Submitted on August 5, 2019

Of all the Programs of Distinction offered by Georgetown College, the Equine Scholars Program may be one of the most unique. Offering students the opportunity to learn about the equine-industry from industry professionals right in the heart of horse country, the program also allows students to major in other areas, a rarity amongst similar programs.

This helps give students a unique skillset, preparing them for success inside the equine industry and outside of it. Stephanie Aufmann, the newly appointed Director of the Equine Scholars Program, acutely understands what makes the program so unique.

“Equine Scholars at Georgetown College graduate with a better understanding of how the horse industry functions and they obtain the skills needed to enter the workforce with ease,” she said.

Aufmann has been around horses her entire life. “I grew up riding within different disciplines and spending every moment of free time at the farm doing anything I could. While I was in college, I noticed that the fascination I had for the horse industry was growing more and more every day, so I decided that I needed to find a career within it.”

That passion she discovered in college is what excites her moving forward in her new role. “The journey I had in discovering who I was and where I wanted to be was a whirlwind, and if I can contribute in any way to another young person trying to find themselves, I’ll be happy.”

After completing her Bachelor’s Degree, she became a trainer and rider for Windridge Farm in Illinois. Now, as she embarks on her new journey as Director of Equine Scholars, she feels right at home. “Kentucky is where I need to be, and I am happy to say that I feel right at home at Georgetown College.”

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