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Alumna Jessie Rose Brassfield releases new song

Maskrafters Alumna Releases Holiday Song

Submitted on December 14, 2018

Just in time for Christmas, the very talented Jessie Rose (Pennington) Brassfield, Class of 2010, has released a really cute song called “Fruitcake.” She, her husband Chadley, and their songwriter friend Sarah Williams wrote it in August.

“I thought it would be kinda’ funny to paint fruitcake in an adorable light, despite its notorious reputation,” wrote Jessie Rose in a post to her Facebook page. “I had this funny little idea about comparing affectionate feelings for someone to a Christmas fruitcake – but in like, a good way! – that I’d never heard in a song before. Something about that contradiction made me laugh. And I knew I wanted to write it with these two.”

Jessie Rose said she left the writing session feeling like the trio had written a song that was true to her personality and sense of humor.

“I was elated,” she wrote. “I loved it so much. I don’t recall a song out there that’s ever been more ‘me’, and Christmas music is my favorite music in the whole wide world.”

Saying that she decided to record it as a side project for fun, she credited her team, including brother James who arranged the background vocals, for their hard work helping finish the project in time for Christmas.

“And a very special thank you to my husband for supporting me and my magical dream of making this song come to life, and for all the hours he put into this project because he knew it would make me feel happy and rewarded,” she added.

Click this link to hear “Fruitcake” sung by Jessie Rose. She invites her listeners to share it.

Jessie Rose was active in Maskrafters as a student and earned a B.A. in Theatre and Film Studies with a minor in Musical Theatre. She and her husband now reside in Nashville.

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