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Liturgical Book for Church Leaders Written in Russian by Alumnus Oleg Turlac Donated to Library

Submitted on October 2, 2017

Alumnus Oleg Turlac, Class of 1998, has donated a reprint of his most recent book, published in the Russian language in July 2017, to Ensor Learning Resource Center, Georgetown College’s library. Intended for use by pastors in the former USSR, the English translation of the title is Christian Evangelical Funerals. A Handbook for Pastors.

The volume includes information on Christian funerals (liturgy, Scriptural texts, and analysis of Slavic funeral customs and traditions). Originally developed some time ago, it became quite popular among pastors and church leaders, Turlac said of the book. “Our goal is to make the church in formerly Communist lands stronger and provide necessary resources to leaders,” he explained.

“Quite often, students of theology graduate from seminaries and divinity schools with a wealth of knowledge in theology, biblical languages, and Church history; however, few know how to conduct a funeral, a wedding, baptism, and other church functions. Graduates of Bible colleges in the former USSR, as well as pastors serving in the field, will get a lot of help from the book when they deal with funerals in church context.”

Michele Ruth, Collection Services Coordinator, accepted on behalf of the LRC. “I really appreciate Dr. Turlac’s thoughtfulness in giving the LRC a copy of his book,” she said. “It makes me happy to hear from a former student and know that they have found success. Congratulations to Dr. Turlac on his accomplishments.”

Turlac earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Georgetown where he was a religion major and history minor. He later earned Master of Divinity and Doctor of Divinity degrees from Samford University. He now leads Turlac Mission and is based in Toronto, Canada.

More information on Turlad Mission is available at and at Mission.

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