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Inclusion and Kindness

Launch of Task Force to Improve Inclusion and Kindness at Georgetown College

Submitted on September 23, 2020

A message from President Jones:


Good afternoon!

Georgetown College offers a terrific education! Through the years, we have fielded national-championship winning teams. We have a beautiful campus, especially on sunny fall days! Many of you, students, have shared with me how terrific our faculty, staff, and coaches are for you! And, faculty, staff, and coaches, you have shared with me how talented our students are in your classrooms and on the fields and courts of competition! Our alumni are leaders in many communities across Kentucky and around the world. However, it is also true that through the years, even recently, some members of our campus community have felt less included and even been the targets of racist, sexist, or homophobic harm. As a Christian educational institution, Georgetown College is committed to the full inclusion of all of the members of our campus community and to enhancing the level of kindness shown to each of our community members and campus visitors. 

After careful consideration and several conversations over the summer with members of the Executive and Expanded Cabinets, the Board of Trustees, and our campus community, I am appointing the Task Force to Improve Inclusion and Kindness at Georgetown College. This important effort will be led by three Co-Chairs: Robbi Barber, Jason Snider, and Karyn McKenzie. I have asked the Task Force Co-Chairs to develop a process that will examine the college through Bolman and Deal’s Four Frames: Structural (how tasks get done on our campus), Human Resource (the needs of our campus community members), Political (the various coalitions on campus and how power is generated and used), and Symbolic (how our campus community finds purpose, meaning, and inspiration through our mission and our distinctives). The Task Force to Improve Inclusion and Kindness will be charged with developing a report on the college’s current state and generating recommendations in these four frame areas by January 15, 2021. A draft of the report and the recommendations will be presented to the Executive Cabinet at that time, and then to the Board of Trustees in February 2021. 

In addition to the three Co-Chairs, the following representatives have been appointed by me to this effort and have agreed to serve: 


Faculty representatives— Christel Broady, Caliesha Comley, Susan Dummer, Lodz Pierre-Juanso, and Homer White.

Staff representatives—Brent Chase, Olivia Coleman, Bryan Langlands, Christy Mai, Tiera Mason, and Anh Vo.

Student representatives—Jessalyn Brown, Nena Claycomb, Xavier Gambrell, Tatum Miller, and DJ White.

Executive Cabinet—Brian Evans and Curtis Sandberg.

Alumni representatives—Devanny King and Vickie Patterson.

Trustee representative—Horace Hambrick.


I am very hopeful this effort will help to make the college more inclusive, diverse, warm and welcoming, kind, and better able to offer our students a championship-level education of the mind and heart.  If you have questions, ideas, or concerns, please contact me and/or the Task Force Co-Chairs. 


Warmest regards,


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