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Students in the 1960s in the Caf

Journey Through the Archives

Submitted on May 30, 2019

The Georgetown College Archives and Special Collections provide a window to the past. Located in the Neil Fireside Room of Ensor Learning Resource Center, the collections feature photographs, prints, books, and memorabilia that will delight and entertain.

Sandy Baird serves as the College Archives and Special Collections Manager. She has to know a lot about a lot, essentially be an encyclopedia of knowledge about the collections.

I’m interested in a particular period of Americana, so I’m pointed to a collection of photographs from the 1960s. The clothing certainly looks different in the photos. It’s dressier. Men wear suits and ties. Women wear dresses, skirts, sometimes coats if it’s cold outside. I am jealous of the sweaters worn by students. They wouldn’t look out of place in colder months these days.

Students in art gallery

Male student smiles to camera in suit and tie

In several photographs, Giddings Hall lingers in the background, the same majestic, welcoming building it is today. Only the cars parked in front hint at a different era.

But what’s the most fascinating while looking through these relics of the past is the traditions. Homecoming, Belle of the Blue, basketball and football games, were once and still are vital pieces of Georgetown College.

Georgetown College plays basketball

It isn’t the 1960s anymore. Georgetown College has grown and evolved. These traditions still exist. They may have matured and changed, and they may look different than they once did, but they still exist, and students still remember them from their time here.

The last thing that catches my eye is the students, always in groups, having fun. I can feel their camaraderie. Some things truly never change.

Students applaud as one female student looks embarrassed

Students read together

Student dances on table in Caf

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