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Introducing GC Journeys

Submitted on October 31, 2019

Georgetown College is proud to announce GC Journeys, a new program that combines entertaining lectures with an exciting travel opportunity for alumni and friends of the college. ​ ​

The program, headed by First Lady Amy Jones and Executive Director of Strategic Advancement Initiatives, Christy Mai, is the first of its kind at the College. The program will include a spring international trip for alumni and friends. In addition to travel, educational lectures will be held on campus and open to alumni and friends of the college. ​

Lectures, planned with the leadership of alumni, will focus on the culture, religion, art, and history of the international travel destination. The college plans to utilize faculty in the lecture series, and the lectures will start in February and continue in March, April and May. ​

In its inaugural year, the program will take participants to Spain, with stops including Toledo, Granada, Ronda, Seville, and Madrid. The trip will be an adventure through one of the most gorgeous and historically significant countries in the world. From architecture to painting, religion and history, Spain offers immense culture that travelers from Georgetown College will experience firsthand.

A GC Journeys advisory committee, comprised of alumni and friends from across the state, has been established to help shape and promote the program. ​

“Alumni and friends of the college will want to take advantage of this opportunity to come together, get to know each other better, and experience this wonderful world of ours. Life is good, let’s travel,” said First Lady, Amy Jones. ​

Steve Hart, founder of Hart Travel Partners, will help plan the details of the itinerary for each destination, and every trip will be intentionally tailored to the travelers with unique and exclusive benefits. ​ ​

“GC Journeys will provide an opportunity to learn from diverse lectures paired with an associated trip to provide a fun and educational experience for alumni and friends,” stated Georgetown College Executive Director of Strategic Advancement Initiatives, Christy Mai. ​

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