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Blake Borwick rides a skateboard in Costa Rica

Georgetown Student Lives On Mission

Submitted on June 13, 2019

Blake Borwig is a Junior at Georgetown College and majors in Environmental Science and Art. But, like seemingly all Georgetown students, that’s only the very beginning of his story.

Blake studied abroad during the Spring Semester in Costa Rica, primarily working with an organization called Face of Justice, which fights for vulnerable populations in Costa Rica. “My main role was helping evangelize to the homeless and underserved in San Jose, as well as help victims who were pulled from sex trafficking to recover, heal, and be equipped to live a life following Christ,” Blake said.

The opportunity to be immersed in a new culture and live on mission was simply too good to pass up for Blake. While there, he grew in his faith and in his devotion to serving those less fortunate. “The experience was incredibly humbling, as it taught me so much about the grace and mercy of Christ.”

Not only did the experience help him to grow in his faith, but it allowed him to witness firsthand the suffering he aims to alleviate. He said, “I did not know how prevalent sex trafficking and prostitution are today. So to actually see it and be present with the victims, sitting and hearing their stories, is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life. It makes me want to be an advocate and a voice for those who are exploited and underrepresented.”

Now that he’s returned to Georgetown, he’s excited to jump back into school. “It was a huge opportunity for growth, and it made me extremely thankful for the community I have at Georgetown.”

As for his goals after Georgetown, he doesn’t hesitate with his answer, “I want to be a missionary. My aim is to travel to developing countries and partner with local governments, helping them research and implement sustainable living practices while ultimately sharing that only the love of Christ can sustain us.”




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