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Jessica Kindrick Accepting Dean's Award

Georgetown College Alumna Studying Under Nobel Prize Winner

Submitted on October 11, 2019

The Oxford Honors Program, one of the most unique Programs of Distinction at Georgetown College, gives students the opportunity to study at Regents Park College at Oxford University, one of the most prestigious institutions in the world. One student, in particular, could never have predicted how the program would eventually lead her to an amazing opportunity.

Jessica Kindrick, who earned her Bachelor of Science Degree from Georgetown College in 2018, studied at Oxford University as part of the Oxford Honors Program in 2017. Her love for the region and Oxford University, eventually led her to where she is now, working towards her PhD as part of a collaboration between Oxford University and the National Institutes of Health.

Not only is she working to attain her PhD at one of the most prestigious universities in the world, she’s doing so in a lab led by the most recent Nobel Prize winner in Medicine. Sir Peter Ratcliffe, who is one of Jessica’s supervisors, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine on October 7th for his work, alongside William Kaelin Jr. and Gregg Semenza, on how cells sense and adapt to oxygen in the body.

Jessica’s time at Georgetown College and in the Oxford Honors Program proved vital to getting her to this point in her academic and professional life.

“While at Georgetown I learned the value of establishing a network of meaningful connections. Too often students underestimate the importance of actively engaging in conversation and collaboration with faculty and staff. When I took time to know these people they trusted me with leadership roles and challenged me to take on new experiences. I worked hard at Georgetown but I’m here predominantly because of many professors and mentors that went out of their way to open doors of opportunity for me,” she said.

Under the supervisors in her program, she hopes to focus on new areas of study. “Instead of choosing a field crowded with scientists studying the ‘hot new thing,’ my mentors decided to focus on a topic entirely unstudied. This gave them room to make revolutionary scientific discoveries. Under their supervision, I hope to learn how to think outside of the box in this way and ask questions that push the boundary of our current understanding.”

Jessica’s path is certainly unique, but the possibilities exist for Georgetown College students through the Oxford Honors Program. She urged students to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. “Don’t underestimate the opportunities that can and will stem from studying at this world-renowned institution. It is so important to travel and experience different people and cultures.”

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