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Georgetown College Alumna Making a Difference in Haiti

Submitted on July 15, 2019

It’s hard to find someone as mission-minded at Tore Dobbie, who, along with her husband Liam, live and work in Haiti. Living and serving in the poorest part of a country ravaged by recent natural disasters and poverty, Tore works every day to make a difference in the lives of Haitians.


Working for Northwest Haiti Christian Mission, an organization that has been serving the Northwest part of Haiti for more than 40 years, Tore specifically focuses on medical programs. She also has a heart for infants. “My newest program is a formula program for babies whose mothers have died,” she said.  “The purpose of the program is to empower the remaining family members to help raise the motherless child.”


A 2015 graduate of Georgetown College, Tore left for Haiti two weeks after commencement and hasn’t looked back. She majored in International Business and Public Health during her time at Georgetown and credits her education with helping her in Haiti. “The business teachers at Georgetown were top notch, and I’m so thankful for the education I received from them. I am definitely putting my Georgetown degrees to use and using them in a way to spread Christ and help those in an impoverished country.”


The true impact, though, of her time at Georgetown College goes beyond the classroom. “I am so grateful for my time and education at Georgetown College.  Its impact continues to influence me and help direct me as a missionary.  God and His love and grace set the stage for everything I do.  He brought me to Georgetown in 2011 and He brought me to Haiti shortly after graduation. He is who I look to for every decision I have to make.  I am so thankful that Georgetown College was one of the places He led me.”


Lately, Haiti has been more unpredictable than ever. “I have been traveling to and/or living in NW Haiti for more than ten years, and this is the most unstable I have ever seen it.” There have been school and hospital closures, typically places of refuge in the country. The Haitian dollar has quickly lost value, making life hard for all Haitians. “Instability is becoming Haiti’s new norm,” Tore said.


She remains steadfast in her commitment, though, to a people she loves and cares for. “My goal right now is to just walk alongside my Haitian brothers and sisters during this impossible time and show them the love of Christ.”

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