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Education Leadership Program Director Hosts Future Schools Podcast

Education Leadership Program Director Hosts Future Schools Podcast

Submitted on August 10, 2018

The Reimagine Schools Podcast hosted by Dr. Greg Goins is now available on the Education Podcast Network ( Goins is the Director of the Education Leadership Program at Georgetown College and Visiting Assistant Professor of Education.

Anyone interested in learning how Future Ready schools can transform learning for a new generation of connected students will want to listen to Reimagine Schools. The Podcast features many of the nation’s top educators, authors, and innovators in P-12 education.

“I’m honored to join EPN,” said Dr. Goins. “I look forward to using this platform to expand my audience and enhance distribution through a network of outstanding podcasters and educational leaders.”

Prior to working in higher education, Dr. Goins spent 15 years as a school district superintendent in Illinois and has a wealth of K-12 experience as a former teacher, coach, athletic director, principal, and elected school board member. He is a popular speaker and presenter on Digital Leadership.

More information is available from his website, Follow on Twitter at @DrGregGoins and @RSPodcast_.

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