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Mayor Tom Prather, Mayor Masayoshi Yamashita, and Dr. Rosemary Allen

Delegation from Tahara, Japan Meets with Georgetown Leaders

Submitted on May 16, 2019

A delegation from Georgetown’s sister city, Tahara, Japan, was on campus Wednesday, May 15th, in the Fireside Room to meet with leaders from Georgetown and Georgetown College. Acting President of Georgetown College, Dr. Rosemary Allen, and Mayor of Georgetown, Tom Prather, were on hand to welcome the delegation.

The delegation included Tahara Mayor, Masayoshi Yamashita, along with educators and leaders from the Department of Education of Tahara.

Tahara, which is located in the Aichi Prefecture of Japan is a coastal town on the Atsumi Peninsula. It is known as one of the leading flower producers in Japan. The two towns also share a connection in both having major Toyota plants, which led to the two towns developing their sister city relationship in 1990.

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