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Jean-Pierre Amoakon and Bethany Jones pose with Dean's Award with Dr. Rosemary Allen.

Dean’s Award Winners Highlight Academic Honors Day

Submitted on April 25, 2019

As the academic year winds down, outstanding student achievements are rewarded at Academic Honors Day. This past Tuesday, April 23rd, departmental awards and scholarships were awarded in the Chapel.

Highlighting Academic Honors Day each year is the Dean’s Award, the top academic recognition for seniors. This year’s recipients of the Dean’s Award are Jean-Pierre Amoakon and Bethany Jones.

Provost Dr. Rosemary Allen, who announced this year’s recipients, said, “This year’s winners are particularly notable for their focus on research and true scholarly excellence.”

Jean-Pierre Amoakon is the age of most freshman or sophomores, yet he has dedicated himself to research and will graduate this spring. He will begin work on his PhD in Systems Biology and Physiology at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine in the fall of 2019.

When asked about his time at Georgetown College, Jean-Pierre said, “I will always be grateful for all the opportunities I got here at GC. Not only did I gain tremendous skills and experience, I also developed as a person on every level.”

Like Jean-Pierre, Bethany Jones is a driven and exceptional student. She has conducted a long-term research project that eventually became her Honors Thesis. This project even won her first place at the Kentucky Psychological Association’s Spring Academic Conference this year.

Upon receiving the award, Bethany was quick to remember those who helped shape her time at Georgetown College. She said, “The mentors I have encountered on the way have certainly made my time here at Georgetown something to be proud of. They have helped me hone my passions, encouraged me, and helped prepare me to enter grad school. I simply cannot thank each of them enough. Georgetown will always hold a special place in my heart because it's where I found a new passion and grew in my previous ones."

Georgetown College congratulates these two students and all award winners at Academic Honors Day. Dr. Allen highlighted the difficulty of choosing just two students for this prize with so much excellence at Georgetown College. She said, “However, it is important to note that such excellence is widespread in our student body—we have many other graduates worthy of such recognition, heading off to top graduate and professional programs. This College is proud of them all!”


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