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Daxson Lewis talking to students

Daxson Lewis Brings American Traditional Music to GC Students

Submitted on September 17, 2019

Daxson Lewis carries on the tradition that surrounded him in his youth. Fascinated by the musical forms of his home in Eastern Kentucky, he felt compelled to study these forms and educate future generations on American Traditional Music.

Speaking to Dr. Pete LaRue’s class Tuesday morning, Lewis spoke of the broad origins of the term “traditional music.” “The fascinating thing is every culture and place has what they consider traditional music. It differs from culture to culture, but every culture has it,” he said.

Lewis is specifically interested in Appalachian music, having grown up in that genre. He played several songs in between speaking on the history of American Traditional Music, mesmerizing students with his virtuosic picking of the banjo. His fingers move so fast, it’s almost impossible to see the notes he’s playing at any given time.

A professor at Morehead State University, Lewis is also a core touring member of the McClain Family Band, who have performed in all 50 states since 1968. Over the years, they have been featured on NPR, Good Morning America, BBC, and the Johnny Cash Christmas Special.

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