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2018 Winter Commencement

Ceremony Celebrates Landmark Occasion

Submitted on December 14, 2018

Families and friends gathered with graduating seniors and graduate education students Friday evening (Dec. 14) in John L. Hill Chapel for Georgetown College’s 2018 Winter Commencement. During the ceremony, a milestone and one of life’s landmark occasions, Bachelor’s degrees were awarded to 26 undergraduates; over 200 Master of Arts in Education degrees were conferred. President Dr. M. Dwaine Greene presided.

A special part of the graduation exercise was the presentation of the Graduate Dean’s Honor Award. The recipient was Chelsea Mickail Gilbert of Maysville, Ky. A nominator described Gilbert as an “excellent teacher lauded by principals for whom she has worked in two Kentucky counties and as an excellent student by her Georgetown College professors.”

In presenting the award, Dr. Joy Bowers-Campbell, Dean of Graduate Education, said of Gilbert, “Her ability to connect with her students both in the art classroom and on the basketball court as an assistant coach makes her the responsive, caring teacher everyone respects. Her Georgetown College advisor says of her, ‘Chelsea is a phenomenal teacher’.”

Gilbert has completed her Initial Certification – K-12 in Georgetown’s graduate education program.

Kim Walters-Parker, Ph.D., J.D., Georgetown College Class of 1983, was the featured speaker for the occasion. A retired teacher who has held key positions in setting education standards at the state and national levels during her career, she maintains her involvement in national educator preparation accreditation as part of her ongoing commitment to P-12 education.

In her remarks, Dr. Walters-Parker spoke of learning many important lessons in life, incidentally as well as through formal instruction. “Some positive lessons, some not-so-positive lessons,” she remarked, noting how others, especially children, often emulate what they observe. She went on to cite positive examples in her own life where the result was learning how to analyze and use evidence which benefited her throughout her career.

As a teacher, which she considers herself to be “first and foremost,” she said that she worried less about her students learning any particular set of facts and more about whether they learned “that I cared about them and wanted them to learn how important it is to simply do their best in all things.” And stressed the importance of being ever mindful of one's behavior and that first impression.Speaker Dr. Kim Walters-Parker

She urged her audience members to distinguish between incidental teaching and “real teaching” and to reflect on what they have learned in their lifetimes, questioning what they should hang on to and what they should leave behind.

“And don’t forget that you’ve taught others incidentally, too,” she said. “What has your behavior really taught others about you? Every time you interact with people, you teach them a little more about you. Make sure that when you show people who you are, when you teach people who you are, even incidentally, that you are teaching them something you can be proud of so you don’t have to look back 10 or 20 years from now and have to question your own legacy.”

This year marks the sixth combined winter commencement for mid-year undergraduate and August and December graduate students. A video of the entire ceremony may be viewed online at this link:

Spring commencement is scheduled for Saturday, May 11, at 10 a.m. on Giddings Lawn.

Following is a listing of 2018 Winter Graduates:




*Mikaela Clovie Adams, Salyersville, Kentucky; Political Science

William-Parker Carter, Bowling Green, Kentucky; History

Ross Jordan Cox, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky; Sports Administration

Hannah Rose Davies, Holbrook, Massachusetts; Communication and Media Studies

Emily Maranda Evans, Independence, Kentucky; Political Science. Honors Thesis: The Right to the Environment: Human Rights Threats and the Environmental Degradation from Mineral Extraction in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Ghana

Maranda Kaye Finney, Paintsville, Kentucky; Political Science/History

Jahyde Gardiner, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Interdisciplinary Law and Order in Public Policy

Zachary M. Jaquess, Elizabethtown, Kentucky; Sports Administration

Raygan Keturah Kilby, Danville, Kentucky; Political Science

Clay McKee, Georgetown, Kentucky; History/Corollary Major in Education

Collin Douglas Pierson, Danville, Kentucky; History

Danielle Pittman, Paris, Kentucky; Psychology

Jonathan Andrew Stocking, La Grange, Kentucky; Sports Administration

Sydney Taylor Stratton, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky; Communication and Media Studies

Christopher Markel Webster, Campbellsville, Kentucky; Sports Administration



Austin Byron Bambach, Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Biochemistry

Breion James Barron, Menifee, California; Health Science

Courtney Paige Benfield, Lily, Kentucky; Health Science

*Allison Elizabeth Card, Gainesville, Florida; Business Administration/Corollary Major in Professional Spanish

Ben Farhat, Lexington, Kentucky; Engineering Arts

Dorian Rene Granados, San Dimas, California; Business Administration

Ciara Nicole Mears, Corinth, Kentucky; Elementary Education

Dusty Wayne Puckett, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky; Finance

Jacob Roberts, Paintsville, Kentucky; Health Science

Devon Rowan, Prospect, Kentucky; Business Administration

Brian Scott Sheets, Georgetown, Kentucky; Marketing




Gardner R. Adams, Lexington, Kentucky; Special Education

Jon Wesley Adams, Lexington, Kentucky; Special Education

Tracy Ann Adams, Georgetown, Kentucky; Special Education

Heather Margaret Adkins, Lewisport, Kentucky; Teacher Leader, Literacy

Zachary Scott Adkins, Georgetown, Kentucky; Special Education

Donald Lloyd Allnutt, Jr., Owenton, Kentucky; School Principalship

Shaun William Anderson, Stamping Ground, Kentucky; Teacher Leader, Instructional Technology

Cheri Ann Arnett, Rush, Kentucky; School Improvement, Literacy

Emily Baldwin, Richmond, Kentucky; School Improvement, Literacy

Jonathan Aaron Baldwin, Grayson, Kentucky; School Principalship

Tera Griffith Baldwin, Grayson, Kentucky; School Principalship

Amanda Kay Ball, McKee, Kentucky; School Improvement, Instructional Technology

Erin E. Ball, Georgetown, Kentucky; Teacher Leader, Gifted and Talented

Leslie Anne Bartow, Henderson, Kentucky; School Improvement

Paige Thompson Batcheldor, Louisville, Kentucky; Teacher Leader

Susan Meade Bayes, Lexington, Kentucky; Teacher Leader, Gifted and Talented

Jamie Nacole Beehler, LaGrange, Kentucky; Special Education

Matt Douglas Bickers, Radcliff, Kentucky; School Principalship

Dewight Allen Bigbee, Louisville, Kentucky; Initial Certification—Secondary

Kendall Lawson Biggs, Mount Washington, Kentucky; Special Education

Dayna Michelle Bingham, Barbourville, Kentucky; School Improvement

Meaghan S. Blackburn, Prestonsburg, Kentucky; Teacher Leader

Kristen Bock-Edwards, Elsmere, Kentucky; Special Education

Katherine Lynn Boruske-Holloway, Southgate, Kentucky; School Principalship

Leah Ashley Bosworth, Louisville, Kentucky; Special Education

Brynne Leigh Bowens, Georgetown, Kentucky; Teacher Leader, Instructional Technology

Steven Edward Bowling, Louisville, Kentucky; School Principalship

Lou Ann Boyers, Sadieville, Kentucky; School Improvement

Heather S. Brinegar, Versailles, Kentucky; School Improvement

Lauren Elizabeth Brown, Hopkinsville, Kentucky; Special Education

Anne Catesby Browning, Sadieville, Kentucky; Teacher Leader

Jerry W. Broyles, Lexington, Kentucky; School Improvement, Instructional Technology

Christen Ann Bruce, Campbellsville, Kentucky; Teacher Leader, Gifted and Talented

Morgan B’Shea Bullock, Frankfort, Kentucky; Special Education

Becca Renee Bush, Greensburg, Kentucky; Special Education

John T. Byard, Lexington, Kentucky; Special Education

Lindsay Cahill, Florence, Kentucky; Teacher Leader

Yvonne Elizabeth Campbell, Hebron, Kentucky; Initial Certification—K-12

Ashley Carpenter, Georgetown, Indiana; Initial Certification—Secondary

Shari Cherry Clagett, Morehead, Kentucky; School Improvement

Michele Ann Cleaver, Carlisle, Kentucky; School Improvement

Chad A. Collins, Shelbyville, Kentucky; Teacher Leader

Kathryn Haunsz Collins, Lexington, Kentucky; School Improvement

Tammy Denise Compton, Phelps, Kentucky; Teacher Leader

Karen L. Coombs, Paris, Kentucky; Special Education

Lauren Julia Cooper, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky; Special Education

Gwen Roll Courtney, Henderson, Kentucky; School Principalship

Travis Eugene Cox, Allensville, Kentucky; Teacher Leader, Moderate and Severe Disabilities

Jessica Meguiar Creech, Auburn, Kentucky; Special Education

Lauren Ashleigh Cunningham, Kennesaw, Georgia; Teacher Leader; English as a Second Language

Kala Denise Damron , Georgetown, Kentucky; Special Education

Victoria Lauren Deaton, Girdler, Kentucky; Initial Certification—Secondary

Chloe DeJarnette, Bowling Green, Kentucky; Special Education

Catherine Del Valle, Lucasville, Ohio; School Improvement

Christina Marie Dowell, Louisville, Kentucky; Teacher Leader, English as a Second Language

Carol Ann Doyle, Cynthiana, Kentucky; School Improvement

Laura Elizabeth Duffy, Lexington, Kentucky; Teacher Leader, Literacy

Angela Bretz Earlywine, Carlisle, Kentucky; School Improvement

Alisha Nicole Ellis-Johnson, Cynthiana, Kentucky; Teacher Leader, Instructional Technology

Laura Adrianne Emmons, Versailles, Kentucky; School Improvement, English as a Second Language

Jennifer Ferrell Favorite, Paris, Kentucky; School Improvement

Kimberly Felker-Rains, Elizabethtown, Kentucky; School Principalship

April D. Fields, Raccoon, Kentucky; Special Education

Regina L. Finch, Georgetown, Kentucky; Special Education

Melissa Rogers Foley, Shelbyville, Kentucky; Initial Certification—K-12

Debra Carline Addington Ford, Berry, Kentucky; School Improvement

Wyatt Dave Foust, Beech Creek, Kentucky; Initial Certification—Secondary 

Cody Alexis Fox, Lexington, Kentucky; Teacher Leader, Literacy

James W. Gambon, Shelbyville, Kentucky; Special Education

Chelsea Mickail Gilbert, Maysville, Kentucky; Initial Certification—K-12

Joseph A. Gormally, Union, Kentucky; Special Education

Candice DeAnn Graves, Burkesville, Kentucky; Special Education

Katherine Elizabeth Griffith, Stanton, Kentucky; Teacher Leader, Instructional Technology

Dale Joseph Grupe, Lexington, Kentucky; School Improvement

Shannon Renee Guelda, Georgetown, Kentucky; Rank Once School Improvement

Hanna Jule Hager, Georgetown, Kentucky; Teacher Leader, Instructional Technology

Sarah Elizabeth Hale, Leitchfield, Kentucky; Special Education

Jon David Hamilton, Louisville, Kentucky; Special Education

Leslie Nicole Hammer, Winchester, Kentucky; School Principalship

*Tiffany Michelle Harrington, Owensboro, Kentucky; Teacher Leader Program; Literacy

Jenna Renae Harris, Owenton, Kentucky; Teacher Leader

Megan R. Hensley, London, Kentucky; Special Education

Danielle Antoinette Hermenitt, Winchester, Kentucky; Teacher Leader, Instructional Technology

Timothy Lee Hill, Jr., Louisville, Kentucky; Initial Certification—Secondary

Rachel Leigh Hisel, McKee, Kentucky; Teacher Leader

Robert Joseph Holland, Shepherdsville, Kentucky; Special Education

Richard D. Honaker, Taylor Mill, Kentucky; Special Education

Megan Hook, Eminence, Kentucky; Special Education

Jonathan Michael Hoskins, Cynthiana, Kentucky; School Improvement; Instructional Technology

Shara N. Hoskins, Cynthiana, Kentucky; School Improvement

Aby Vela Isaacs, Lexington, Kentucky; Teacher Leader

Michael Taylor James, Lexington, Kentucky; Initial Certification—Secondary

Christopher G. Johnson, Soldier, Kentucky; Special Education

Kotey Jolyn Jones, Danville, Kentucky; Special Education

Caitlin Beth Kendall, Lexington, Kentucky; Teacher Leader

Jennifer Paige Kidwell, Lexington, Kentucky; Special Education

Caleb Stephen King, Eminence, Kentucky; Special Education

Judi Jackson King, Catlettsburg, Kentucky; School Principalship

DeAndra Lynn Kramer, Alexandria, Kentucky; Teacher Leader, Literacy

Madeline Rose Kratchman, Louisville, Kentucky; Teacher Leader, English as a Second Language

Jamie Leigh Langley, Taylorsville, Kentucky; Special Education

Renata Joan Leeper, Henderson, Kentucky; School Improvement

Daniel Francis Lorenz, Independence, Kentucky; Special Education, Moderate and Severe Disabilities

Shelby Kristine Loyd, Florence, Kentucky; Special Education

Kimberly Elaine Maldonado, Hebron, Kentucky; Teacher Leader

Ashley Nicole Mangum, Frankfort, Kentucky; Teacher Leader

Amber S. Martin, Ashland, Kentucky; Teacher Leader, Instructional Technology

Amanda J. McCall, Grayson, Kentucky; School Principalship

Cassidy Lauren McGranahan, Ashland, Kentucky; Special Education

Kala Renee Mckinney, Mount Sterling, Kentucky; Teacher Leader

Kelsey S. McKinney, Frankfort, Kentucky; School Improvement, Instructional Technology

Emily Erin Meeker, Nicholasville, Kentucky; Special Education

Heath T. Meyer, Radcliff, Kentucky; Teacher Leader, Gifted and Talented

*Heather Lee Mills, Frankfort, Kentucky; Teacher Leader, Instructional Technology

Ashley LaRae Shaw Mineer, Mount Sterling, Kentucky; School Improvement, Literacy

Timothy Lee Molton, Maysville, Kentucky; School Principalship

Christian Anissa Montgomery, Louisville, Kentucky; Special Education

Natalie Lynn Mullins, Lexington, Kentucky; Teacher Leader, Instructional Technology

Elizabeth Mulrey, Cincinnati, Ohio; Teacher Leader

Wendy Garber Myers, Louisville, Kentucky; Special Education

Andrea Lynn O’Donoghue, Louisville, Kentucky; School Improvement, Literacy

Te'Andra Y. Parker, Vinegrove, Kentucky; Teacher Leader, English as a Second Language

Lori Ann Patterson, Harrodsburg, Kentucky; Special Education

Tara Story Phelps, Somerset, Kentucky; School Improvement, Instructional Technology

Benjamin K. Piech, Lexington, Kentucky; Initial Certification—Secondary

Roger Wayne Pollard, Lexington, Kentucky; Special Education

Lea Anna Preece, Louisa, Kentucky; Teacher Leader/Literacy

Melissa Katherine Ramirez, Louisville, Kentucky; School Improvement

Kylie Merriman Reed, Waynesburg, Kentucky; Teacher Leader

Freda Curry Rigsby, Glasgow, Kentucky; School Improvement

Erin Colleen Ritter, Rineyville, Kentucky; School Principalship

Nicholas A. Ritter, Rineyville, Kentucky; School Principalship

Kelly Robertson, Bowling Green, Kentucky; Special Education

Zaragosa Sanchez, Lexington, Kentucky; Teacher Leader

Surya Marie Sandusky, Lexington, Kentucky; Special Education

*Candice Nicole Schneider, Lexington, Kentucky; Teacher Leader, Literacy

Jason Beau Schneider, Louisville, Kentucky; Special Education

Morgan Renee Schornick, Georgetown, Kentucky; Teacher Leader

Bonita Rae Schultz, Nicholasville, Kentucky; Teacher Leader, Moderate and Severe Disabilities

Jacqueline Nicole Searcy, Louisville, Kentucky; Special Education

Elizabeth Kay Seever, Hebron, Kentucky; School Improvement

Leann Marie Shields, Lexington, Kentucky; Teacher Leader, Literacy

Brenda Kovacic Smith, Lexington, Kentucky; Teacher Leader, Literacy

Mary Allison Smith, Paducah, Kentucky; Teacher Leader, Instructional Technology

Rikki Lee Smith, Mount Washington, Kentucky; Teacher Leader, Instructional Technology

Sierra Smith, Greenville, Kentucky; Special Education

Emily Montgomery Snowden, Lexington, Kentucky; Teacher Leader, Instructional Technology

Adam Nicholas Spille, Lawrenceburg, Indiana; Special Education

Britany Ray Stacy, Inez, Kentucky; Special Education

Josephine Stamper, Jackson, Kentucky; Special Education

Christen R. Stevens, Louisville, Kentucky; Teacher Leader

Shanna M. Tate, Dewitt, Kentucky; Teacher Leader

Christopher M. Thompson, Berry, Kentucky; School Principalship

Shelby Morgan Trail, Marion, Kentucky; Special Education

Cathy Lorine Tutorow, Dry Ridge, Kentucky; Special Education

Kourtney Michelle Tyra, McKee, Kentucky; Special Education

Ashley VanHoose, Lexington, Kentucky; School Improvement

Sally Jane Wagoner, Cynthiana, Kentucky; Teacher Leader, Instructional Technology

Jenny Walker, Georgetown, Kentucky; Special Education

Brooks Ryan Ward, Lexington, Kentucky; Teacher Leader

Daisey Christal Weber, Georgetown, Kentucky; Teacher Leader

Leah Ann Webster, Independence, Kentucky; Teacher Leader

Katie Christine Weingarten, Louisville, Kentucky; Initial Certification—K-12

Jennifer Renn Weller, Covington, Kentucky; Special Education

William Kyle Wells, Cannon, Kentucky; Special Education

Amanda Jean Weyhing, Louisville, Kentucky; Teacher Leader, English as a Second Language

Hillary Jordan Whitaker, Danville, Kentucky; Teacher Leader, Gifted and Talented

Lucas Darnell White, Elizabethtown, Kentucky; Teacher Leader

Melissa White, Bowling Green, Kentucky; Teacher Leader, Instructional Technology

Joshua L. Whitehouse, Bardstown, Kentucky; Teacher Leader, Instructional Technology

Matthew Jordan Williams, Liberty, Kentucky; School Principalship

Jennifer Elaine Williamson, Park Hills, Kentucky; Special Education

Mailey Anne-Marie Wilson, Gamaliel, Kentucky; Initial Certification—K-12

Charity Rachel Winburn, Cincinnati, Ohio; Teacher Leader, English as a Second Language

Emily Marie Reed Winstead, Taylorsville, Kentucky; School Improvement

Natalie Jo Caldwell Wolfe, De Mossville, Kentucky; School Principalship

Katherine E. Wooten, Wilmore, Kentucky; Special Education

Claire Spencer Wyatt, Union, Kentucky; Teacher Leader, English as a Second Language

Tracy Zerwkh, Louisville, Kentucky; Special Education


* Denotes membership in Phi Kappa Phi Academic Honor Society


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