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Meredith Cave Moran

From Acting in the Theatre to Working in the Courtroom

Submitted on October 24, 2019

Meredith Cave Moran '13 exemplifies what the multifaceted, holistic education provided by Georgetown College can do for students. A fascinating journey that started at Georgetown College has now culminated with her in Lexington working as an attorney with Kinkead and Stilz, PLLC.

Her choice of majors certainly seems antithetical looking at it from the outside: Theatre and Political Science. But then this is one crucial aspect that sets Georgetown College apart, encouraging students to expand their academic environment and use those skills throughout their lives.

Now, as an attorney, Moran reflects on how those Theatre courses influence her today. “Being able to tell captivating stories, command a room, and wear different hats, literally and figuratively, are traits I honed while studying theatre with Dr. Ed Smith and George McGee at Georgetown. Those skills are undeniably valuable in the legal profession,” she said.

Of course, she supplemented her Theatre major with a Political Science major, which helped further prepare her for successfully completing law school at the University of Kentucky, passing the bar exam, and her career as an attorney. “Practically speaking, the exams given in the Political Science department actually mirrored law school exams. They were all lengthy essays and they covered very broad topics,” she said.

As her time at GC wound to a close, the acting bug kept nagging at her, but dropping everything and chasing that dream seemed frightening. “ ‘Law school is always going to be there.’ That’s the comment I received from the Graves Center at GC when I told them that I thought I wanted to pursue acting but didn’t have the guts to do it.” That push led her to pursue that dream, and she moved to Los Angeles shortly after graduating.

“I got to work on film sets like The Goldbergs on ABC, Two Broke Girls, Ray Donavan, The Mindy Project, shows on Disney and Nickelodeon, some indie films, and some commercial sets... AND I waited a LOT of tables. I took acting classes and got an offer from an agent. I was ultimately able to get my eligibility to join the SAG/AFTRA actor's union. I traveled all over the Pacific Coast and soaked up as much sunshine and adventure as I possibly could. In the end, I decided that the industry was great, but I was ready to move closer to my family and go to law school.”

Moran takes every challenge she faces head on, and once she decided to go to law school, she was all in. She applied to receive scholarship funding, worked her way through school, and finished at the top of her class at UK Law School.

Now, as an attorney at Kinkead and Stilz, PLLC, she still thinks so fondly of her alma mater and hopes to do all she can to help others experience the same life-altering education she received. “I hope I can continue to make GC proud and be able to give back so more students can have a rich undergraduate experience like I had.”


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