GEORGETOWN, Ky. – Through the years, Georgetown College has offered several classes specializing in sport but no major specifically designed to satisfy student interest in sport management.

That has now changed.

The new Sports Administration major starting this fall contains a core set of classes with the option of choosing from one of two tracks of study in either Communication and Media Studies or Kinesiology. Interdisciplinary study will include classes in business/economics, kinesiology/health, and relational/social classes related to sport.

“The program provides students with a shared experience in the study of sport and sport organizations,” says Dr. Kenneth Sibal, Assistant Professor of Communication and Media Studies.

“They will be able to tailor the major to fit their individual goals, needs, and aspirations.”

There are three overarching objectives to be accomplished, according to Dr. Sibal.

By the end of the program, Sports Administration majors at Georgetown College will be able to 1) relate foundational knowledge of basic concepts and practices associated with sports administration, 2) analyze and think critically about personal and social issues within sports related organizations, and 3) apply knowledge gained from coursework to an integrative sports administrative experience.

Dr. Sibal also points out that in order to reach these objectives, there are several outcomes that will be assessed through the program. These will reflect the spirit of a liberal arts institution with an appreciation of an interdisciplinary experience.

Students will be prepared to seek jobs in the competitive and demanding field or go on to pursue advanced degrees in Sports Administration.

For more information, interested students should contact the Office of Admission.