athletics_GCGEORGETOWN, KY – Beginning with the 2014 entering class of freshmen at Georgetown College, every student who is a Scott County (Georgetown, Ky.) resident will automatically receive a $2,000 a year renewable grant.

This Scott County Grant will be in addition to any merit and talent-based scholarships the student may receive upon admission to Georgetown College.

“We are hopeful that this additional funding will assist Scott County students toward pursuing the superb education available right here at home,” said Dwaine Greene, president, in announcing the College’s new initiative.

“Georgetown College is a remarkable institution, steeped in tradition, progressive and confident in its outlook,” wrote Dr. Greene in a letter to prospective students, parents and others in the local community.

“Among the ranks of those who proclaim its value throughout Kentucky and the larger region are thousands of graduates — physicians, attorneys, business men and women, teachers, pastors, etc.  They are quick to declare how valuable Georgetown is to them.”

More information on the Scott County Grant is available from the Office of Admissions. Phone 863-8009 or email The College Web site is