PADUCAH, KY – The ministry partnership between the Kentucky Baptist Convention and Georgetown College will conclude Nov. 12, 2014.

That was the decision made by messengers to the 176th Annual Meeting of the Kentucky Baptist Convention Nov. 12 at Lone Oak First Baptist Church in Paducah. The adopted recommendation reads:

“In these days of limited resources and a more focused ministry assignment, Kentucky Baptists are choosing to invest Christian education resources, energies and attention on our institutions that are in covenant agreement with the Kentucky Baptist Convention. Therefore the KBC will terminate its ministry partnership with Georgetown College pursuant to the memorandum of understanding between the parties dated Nov. 15, 2005. Upon expiration of the ministry partnership, the KBC will no longer maintain a partnership agreement with Georgetown College, which elected to terminate its Covenant Agreement with the KBC in 2005. We appreciate the Baptist foundation of Georgetown College and offer our prayers for their endeavors to serve Christ and His Kingdom.”

At the college’s request, the covenant relationship with the KBC concluded in 2009. The KBC Mission Board originally proposed the recommendation prior to the 2012 KBC Annual Meeting, but decided to postpone action for one year when they learned that then Georgetown President Bill Crouch was retiring.

In a recent meeting with KBC Executive Director-Treasurer Paul Chitwood, Georgetown College’s new President M. Dwaine Greene said he would like to discuss with Convention leadership future opportunities for the college to serve with the KBC in some way.

“I am hopeful that the College and the Convention can work toward shaping an appropriate relationship which affirms the purposes of both institutions,” said Dr. Greene. “Georgetown is a leader in Christian higher education in Kentucky. Its Christian mission remains firm and deeply rooted with Kentucky Baptists.”