James Klotter

History Professor, Kentucky State Historian Jim Klotter

GEORGETOWN, KY – Dr. Jim Klotter, The State Historian of Kentucky and Professor of History at Georgetown College, has written the foreword for a newly published handsome new book entitled Collecting Kentucky 1790-1860 (Cherry Valley Publications LLC, First Edition 2013, 344 pages).

The book is the work of Genevieve Baird Lacer and Libby Turner Howard with photography by Bill Roughen.

“Antebellum Kentucky was a place of contrast and of paradise,” writes Dr. Klotter, in part, adding, “Kentucky life included illiteracy, inequality, powerlessness, and poverty. It also featured a well-educated, wealthy elite, a reputation as the Athens of the West, a plethora of excellent colleges, and a rich material culture.”

The foreword is accompanied by a reproduction of the oil on panel depicting Georgetown College in the 1840s by Esteria Butler Farnum. It is from the Georgetown College Fine Art Galleries collection.

photo4The authors have “produced a work that succeeds at so many levels,” states Dr. Klotter in the foreword. He notes also it “. . . reminds Kentuckians that across the commonwealth, hidden treasures can still be found . . . presents the accounts not just of those who brought all the materials together . . . also gives the story of those who crafted the culture these materials reflect . . . does full justice to those who came before, so that new generations can appreciate the past.”

The book features beautiful photographs of private antebellum Kentucky collections. The accompanying text provides excellent descriptions.