Bishop2 Office of Diversity easier to find in centralized Student Center location

The Bishop College Center
Office of Diversity
(Photo: GC Public Relations)

GEORGETOWN, KY – The Bishop College Center and the Office of Diversity are now more centrally located in newly constructed space on the College Street level of Cralle Student Center.

The new office was created during renovation of the college bookstore over the summer and takes some of that former retail space. Its well-marked entrance is from the hallway between the WOW Grille dining area and the interior doors going into The Store.

“We are very excited about our move,” said Robbi Barber, associate director of diversity. “We believe moving the office to such a centralized area will provide better access for our students and bring great collaboration with various departments in order to cater to our students’ needs.”

The Bishop College Center and Office of Diversity were previously located in a former private residence at the corner of College and Military Streets at the edge of main campus.

Ms. Barber sees the new space serving as a hangout for all students, faculty and staff, as well as a meeting place and resource center.

“We are planning events that will be all-inclusive to the campus community,” she adds.