Barry_HarveyGEORGETOWN, KY – Georgetown College’s Center for Christian Discernment convenes its annual Young Scholars in the Baptist Academy (YSBA) conference on Tuesday, July 16, with an evening keynote address by Barry Harvey, PhD, Professor of Religion in the Honors College at Baylor University.

Dr. Harvey’s address, entitled “Into Lands as Yet Unknown: The Church’s Vocation of Not Belonging,” is open to the public. It will be presented in the Jones-Hall-Nelson Suite of Cralle Student Center on Georgetown’s central campus at 7 p.m. There is no charge for admission.

Professor Harvey is an ordained Baptist minister and native of Denver, Colorado. He is the author of numerous books and research articles on religion. He received his PhD from Duke University where he majored in Christian Theology and Ethics and was awarded the Andrew W. Mellon Research Fellowship.

In partnership with Regent’s Park College, Oxford University, the YSBA is an academic seminar for professors, academics, and graduate students. Its 2013 theme is “Salt of the Earth: Baptist Witness in a Post-Constantinian Age.”

Participants this year include faculty from Campbell University, Cedarville University, Samford University, Sioux Falls Seminary, Baptist Seminary of Kentucky, Duke Divinity School, Baptist Seminary at Richmond, East Texas Baptist University, University of Aberdeen, and Georgetown College.

During the Academy’s four-day program which ends on July 19, a select group of participants across academic disciplines will explore what it means to be the “salt of the earth” in a world in which neither Baptists nor any expression of Christianity comprises the “form of life for the whole society.”

The YSBA began at Georgetown College in 2004 but has also convened in Oxford, Prague, and Honolulu. A planning team coordinates topics and selects participants for each seminar.

Two volumes have been published from YSBA seminars, The Scholarly Vocation and the Baptist Academy (Mercer, 2008) and Tradition and the Baptist Academy (Paternoster, 2012). Roger Ward, professor of philosophy at Georgetown College, directs the YSBA.

Information about the seminar and past participants is available at