DANVILLE, VA – Radical ministry. That’s the term sometimes used in referencing a mission outreach to the less fortunate like the one called Grace and Main being led by Georgetown College alumni Joshua ‘05 and Jessica (Forge) ‘04 Hearne in Danville, Virginia.

Grace and Main is a non-traditional Christian community that provides meals, medicine, addiction recovery, Bible study, and worship in the grittiest parts of that city. Some of its leaders, like the Hearnes, also invite homeless people to live in spare rooms in their homes.

Jeff Brumley, assistant editor of Associated Baptist Press, has recently written an online article about this meaningful, service-focused ministry which has caught the attention of Baptist groups like the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

Jack Birdwhistell, associate professor of religion, vividly recalls the Hearnes as GC undergraduates and describes Joshua and Jessica as “two of the most creative students I have known at Georgetown.” He adds, “Jessica (Art) and Joshua (Theater) are definitely artsy folks. Joshua had an insatiable curiosity about theology, Christian history, and pastoral care–anything ‘religion’.” After Georgetown, Josh was an outstanding student at Duke Divinity School, says Dr. Birdwhistell, and “has since crafted a ministry perfectly suited to his talents and interests. Hats off to Jessica and Joshua!”

In his article, Brumley describes movements like the one being guided by Josh and Jessica as “not for the faint of heart” because of the rejection of creature comforts to minister to society’s poorest. Read the full story online.

Grace and Main board member Dwight Moody, former Dean of the Chapel at GC who now leads the Academy of Preachers, remembers the Hearnes’ time at the College very well. “Josh and Jessica were outstanding students at Georgetown, and now they are outstanding both as citizens of Danville, Virginia, and ministers of the gospel. We are all proud of them.”