Filmmaker Michael Crisp. Photo: Nancy Royden, News-Grapahic

Filmmaker Michael Crisp.
Photo: Nancy Royden, News-Graphic

GEORGETOWN, KY – Filmmaker and GC alumnus Michael Crisp, class of 1991, premieres his latest documentary, “A Cut Above: The Legend of Larry Roberts,” at Theatres of Georgetown on August 23. The film will have three screenings, the first of which is at 7 p.m.

Roberts, who died at age 42, was a Scott County resident who gained notoriety as the World Tobacco Cutting Champion in 1980 and 1982. He was also listed as the Five Time World Tobacco Speed Cutting Champion from 1972 to 1982. He cut 2,358 sticks in 8 ½ hours, or 341 sticks per hour.

“Larry was what Kentucky is all about, interesting characters and interesting people. They try to make something out of themselves,” Crisp is quoted as saying in a recent Georgetown News-Graphic story about the premier of his film. “He is a great story. I think we made his legacy proud.”

As noted by Crisp in the newspaper article, Roberts also started a local tobacco festival, which ran for four or five years, and received national and local television attention. Crisp’s documentary includes footage of Roberts from area TV newscasts and interviews with his family members as well as rare footage of Larry in action (including his epic race against a machine in a 1982 cutting contest).

Numerous actors fill in many recreated gaps in the film, according to Crisp. Georgetown College’s Sonny Burnett, Professor of Music, is one of them. Roberts is played by actor Stacey Gillespie. The film includes “The Ballad of Larry Roberts,” a song written by a group of Lexington musicians.

Crisp owns Agency Entertainment, Inc. which is based in Georgetown and is Director/Producer at Remix Films specializing in documentaries.

Theatres of Georgetown is on Outlet Center Drive.