Sanderson-promoARLINGTON, VA – Following a competitive national selection process, Mr. Jordan Sanderson of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a 2009 graduate of Georgetown College, has been selected as a member of the American delegation to this summer’s Y8 Summit. Sanderson will serve as the USAID Administrator, developing a cohesive and comprehensive development policy that reflects the interests and values of the United States. The announcement of his selection came from Young Americans for Diplomatic Leadership (YADL) headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.

Currently studying bi-national business in Mexico City, Mexico, with the Fulbright Program, Sanderson’s previous experience as a member of the U.S. delegation to 2010’s G8 and G20 Youth Summits will aid in his leadership and negotiating roles this summer,¬†stated YADL in its release. The Y8 Summit will run from June 24-28 in London, England.

The Summits convene the world’s best and brightest young professionals to represent the cultures, values, and interests of their homelands. Nearly 200 delegates from the G8 and G20 nations will participate in week-long negotiations on a range of issues related to environmental, defense, and financial policy, amother other topics. The goal of the Summit is to produce a final communique that will outline proposed solutions to international issues to be formally presented at a press conference on Friday, June 28, and then circulated to the various governments represented and the public at large.

“Having experienced firsthand in Mexico the sustainable social change that can be affected through investment in infrastructure and education, I was specifically interested this time around in raising the profile on private sector investments for greater society good,” Sanderson said of his decision to become involved with the Y8 this year. “My position as USAID Administrator for the Y8 U.S.A. team is a perfect vehicle as I can leverage my work experience in the private sector to propel America’s international development policy on the G8 stage.”

YADL empowers current and future diplomatic leaders of the United States through global programs that provide access and exposure to foreign policy. YADL aspired to be the preeminent organization in the United States for meaningful and impactful young professional engagement in international relations, according to information in its press release. YADL annually recruits, selects, and prepares the American delegations to tye Y8, which is organized by the International Diplomatic Engagement Association where YADL serves as the partnering American organization.