Granetta Blevins bgDear Georgetown College Community –

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself as your acting president. Many of you know me since I am an alumna and have been a trustee for many years. To those of you that I have not had the opportunity to meet; I look forward to meeting you and sharing the Georgetown College connection.

For the benefit of those who do not know me, allow me to tell you a little about myself — I am a 1980 graduate of Georgetown College, and then went on to earn an MBA from Xavier University. I am a long-time trustee of the College — first elected to the board in 1992. I have served two terms as board chair, and currently I am a member of the executive committee of the board and chair the trustee committee on academic excellence. I was also the College’s interim chief financial officer from September 2002, through May 2003.

Over the course of my 30+ years in business, I have served as chief financial officer for several companies and held other senior management positions for both public and private entities. For the past thirteen years, I have had my own business services practice specializing in strategy development and implementation, business operations, and providing interim chief financial officer services.

I am both honored and humbled to serve as your acting president. I am here in this capacity because I love Georgetown College. We are in a transition period, which brings an element of uncertainty and questions. I will try to answer your questions as best I can, but hope you will understand that I do not have all the answers. However, I am confident that working together we can work through any issue we may face.

Like many of you, I am truly passionate about Georgetown College and believe in the education and opportunities it provides. In the days to come I hope we can experience a sense of unity that will clearly demonstrate what a great place Georgetown is and will continue to be.

Best Regards,