GEORGETOWN, KY – Dance Marathon Georgetown College (DMGC) raised nearly $6,000 for its 3rd annual event in support of the Kentucky Children’s Hospital in Lexington. At the start of the session, family members of children who have received treatment at the hospital spoke to the dancers about their experience to enable a better understanding of how funds raised benefit families and patients.

The multi-hour, non-stop dance culminates a year-long effort by students to raise funds which, to date, total $5,900. Ashley Fox, a Corbin junior who coordinated DMGC, says donations will be accepted “for another two weeks.” Anyone who wishes to contribute may do so online. “Just click on ‘donate now’,” said Fox.

Appreciation was expressed to local businesses, faculty, other students, and members of the local community who provided items and money in support of the 17 hour and 87 minute marathon which began the evening of Friday, March 22. “A giant thank you to our dancers, miracle families, and everyone who helped to make this year’s Dance Marathon great,” reads a post on the DMGC Facebook page. “Great work everybody!”

Dance Marathon is held on many campuses to raise funds for the benefit of hospital facilities associated with the Children’s Miracle Network.