_USA0565aGEORGETOWN, KY – Change in appearance is what one usually thinks of when the word makeover is used. And change in appearance is exactly the result of the recent renovation of what has long been known as the Hall of Fame Room in Cralle Student Center.

In late January, that area off the Great Hall used for so many important campus special functions was given fresh paint, new light fixtures, and new carpet. In addition, wall displays of contemporary art now help brighten the room.

There’s also a new name. The room is now known as the Jones-Hall-Nelson Suite.

The renaming honors David A. Jones, former chairman and chief executive officer of Humana Inc., John R. Hall, former chairman and chief executive officer of Ashland Inc., and Kent C. “Oz” Nelson, former chairman and chief executive officer of UPS, three gentlemen who have been generous friends of the College and who founded the Partnership for Successful Schools over two decades ago to further the 1990 Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA).

The Hall of Fame plaques which previously lined the walls are being relocated and are of no less significance to the College community. All of them will be displayed prominently in another, as yet undetermined, area of the campus.

“Although there have been great changes, Georgetown will not stop giving respect where it is deserved,” said Robin Oldham ‘69, assistant to the president, commenting on relocating the plaques.