Having engaged alumni as both advocates and donors is highly prized by any academic institution. Georgetown College is fortunate to have identified a viable constituent group that will lead the charge for outreach to fellow Georgetonians to garner volunteer and financial support.

Members of the recently established Alumni Board met this past Saturday (December 8) to elect officers and approve governing rules. Guthrie Zaring ’87 will serve as President with Melanie Ladd ’94 as President-Elect.

alumni board 350x261 Alumni engagement exemplified by new GC alumni board representation

Board members pictured (L to R): Jason Baird ’00; Leah Ralston Willingham ’03; Blake Reichenbach ’04; Erin Scott Druen ’03; Lynn Pannell Freeman ’84; Jesse Hodgson ’04; Patty Satchwell Swiney ’82; Guthrie Zaring ’87; Melanie Thomas Ladd ’94; Charlotte Stickle Elder ’96; Edward Wimmer ’99; Nolan Bean ’02.
Alumni Board members not pictured: Emily Francis Rardin ’91; Gerald Parker ’04; Kris Vanzant ’97; Dustin Stacy ’99; and Jill Wilson ’84.

The Alumni Board is currently researching the possibility of starting an official Alumni Association. Plans are to survey alumni in the next few weeks in an effort to determine just what Georgetonians might like in an Alumni Association and what benefits they would hope to realize. Watch your email!