Dr. Yolanda Gallardo Carter, GC's Dean of Education and a heritage-speaker of Spanish, will tell about her personal journey during a special College for a Day chapel service. She's also lead singer for a band of GC professors known as Notes from Underground.

The deadline for the April 24 College for a Day has been extended to close of business this Friday afternoon (April 20). For reservations, call 502.863.8041 or toll free 877.640.0107.  Or you may register online.

Georgetown, KY – The time-clock’s ticking for potential College for a Day participants. Don’t force Dr. Ben Oldham ‘65 – the Southeastern Conference’s renowned football replay official – to make a decision for you on choice of class sessions for Tuesday, April 24.

This is Georgetown College’s semi-annual day of special classes (a choice of two out of four) and events for reconnecting alumni with the campus. But, the day is also open to the public at the same $25 cost. The price includes breakfast, Chapel service, lunch and closing reception with certificate of completion.

Previously, we told you about Oldham’s “You’d Better Be Right!” class – an updated, informative look at major college football officiating. Time now to take a look at the three of GC’s most popular current professors and their exciting topics.

Sheila Klopfer

The morning option to Oldham and Football is Dr. Sheila Klopfer, Associate Professor and Chair, Religion Department, with Theology and Vocation of the Cross.

Klopfer, who’s also co-director of Christian Leaders Scholars and Director of Ministry Student Formation, explained:

“The crucifixion of Jesus Christ is the central theological and historical event of the Christian faith. For over two thousand years, Christians have struggled, by faith, to accept, understand, and communicate the cross. This session will cover some of the ways that Christians throughout history have tried to make sense of why Jesus Christ died, and then in turn, what the implications of his death meant for their vocational lives, as they attempted to ‘take up their cross and follow him.”

Karyn McKenzie

In the afternoon, choose between Psychology or Music.

Dr. Karyn McKenzie (Psychology) wrote this about her session – Eyewitnesses: The Good, the Bad, and the Questionable:

“A confession is the most damaging type of evidence against a defendant in a criminal case.  Eyewitness testimony is second; unfortunately, eyewitness misidentification is the single greatest cause of wrongful convictions nationwide.  In terms of overturned convictions realized through DNA testing, inaccurate eyewitness testimony has been a factor in more than 75% of cases.  During our session, we will discuss factors related to the strengths and weaknesses of this intriguing area of study and its applications to the real world.”

Dr. Pete LaRue (Music) offers The Man in White … The Man in Black. The director of GC bands is talking about “the incomparable contributions of Hank Williams Sr. and Johnny Cash to American Music.”

Pete LaRue

In between the entertaining morning and afternoon presentations, Dr. Yoli Carter – the College’s dynamic Dean of Education – will deliver the chapel address. That will be followed by a sumptuous lunch in the Hall of Fame Room.

For reservations, call 502.863.8041 or toll free 877.640.0107.  Or you may register online. The deadline is April 20, 2012.