By Caitlin Knox ‘14

Johnathan Rogers, Evan Harrell and Hannah Osborne will take turns in the Tiger Symphonic Band spotlight April 26.

Georgetown, KY – The spring Tiger Symphonic Band Concert at 8 p.m., April 26 is titled “All Good Things” for a very good reason. Traditionally one of the performing arts closers for the school year, this free Hill Chapel event will feature the brilliance of three students and three fresh works.  

“To have the caliber of students that we do… it’s  just quite remarkable,” said Dr. Pete LaRue, proud director of the Tiger Band.

Hannah Osborne, who’s studying History and Music, will show off her artistry on the clarinet, performing the “Concertino for Clarinet” by Weber. “It’s fabulous, she’s fabulous,” LaRue said about the piece and the senior from Georgetown. 

The other two LaRue is putting in the honor spotlight are Music Education Majors who will both conduct pieces – Johnathan Rogers and Evan Harrell.

Rogers, a junior from Corinth, KY, will conduct his fellow students on “March” from the Third Suite by Jager.

Harrell, who was a featured musician as well in his freshman year, will conduct the premiere of a work that he composed himself. “It’s called ‘On A Swedish Hymn of Spring’ and it’s based on a hymn they sing in Sweden every year to bring in the new season,” said Harrell, a junior from Middlesboro.

“I think this is his best one yet,” said LaRue, who has already had the band perform two other compositions by Harrell, called “In Praise Rejoice” and “Lucifer.”

The concert will continue to be a night of premieres, with three new works that LaRue calls “quite extraordinary.” A work by Giroux called “All Good Things” was written in 2003. Two were recently written in 2011: “Blue and Green Music,” based on a Georgia O’Keefe painting, and “The Seal Lullaby,” based on a Rudyard Kipling poem.

 “All Good Things” will be a concert that stays true to traditions, including the playing of the moving “Old Scottish Melody” [arranged by Charles Wiley] while a special video presentation is being shown.  The video will look back on the sights and scenes of the band over the years.  Each senior can reflect on the memories, and enjoy this last performance that they have with the Tiger Band. 

A reception in the foyer of the Chapel will follow this evening of delightful music. All patrons are invited to enjoy the food and drinks as the College celebrates the band members and all the entertainment they provide over the year.