Ben Oldham was the head replay official in the booth for the “Game of the Century” between No. 1 LSU and No. 2 Alabama, Nov. 5, 2011. “It lived up to its billing and I was fortunate (?) enough to have the game-deciding call,” said Oldham of the 4th quarter play he ruled was an interception by the top-ranked Tigers. LSU went on to win 9-6 in overtime.

Georgetown, KY – A pass is thrown into the end zone. The receiver clearly possesses the ball in the air and comes down in the end zone on top of another player. Both are clearly inbounds lying in the end zone. The player who caught the ball rolled out of bounds as he was getting up. What is the ruling?

To find out the answer, you’ll have to attend Dr. Ben Oldham’s session – “You’d better be right! An inside look at major college football officiating” –  during College for a Day on April 24.

This is Georgetown College’s semi-annual day of special classes (a choice of two out of four) and events for reconnecting alumni with the campus. But, the day is also open to the public at the same $25 cost. The price includes breakfast, Chapel service, lunch and closing reception with certificate of completion.

Even if think you know your football, fans will enjoy hearing Oldham’s tales as a Southeastern Conference official and his explanation of the latest rules. Oldham will be fresh off an SEC clinic he’s conducting the week before in College Station, TX.

Here’s a typical football factoid from Oldham ’65, a former GC Director of Athletics:

“Did you know that SEC football officials receive a film grade for every game? Every play (typically 160 to 200 plays a game) is graded regarding good calls, missed calls, picky calls and coverage of the plays. Bowl games are assigned to the officials receiving the highest grades.”

Oldham has also served his alma mater as Dean of Education,  Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and most recently Distinguished Service Professor.

Check back here in the weeks to come as we feature your other three professors for College for a Day: Dr. Sheila Klopfer, Religion; Dr. Karyn McKenzie, Psychology; and Dr. Pete LaRue, Music.

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