Education professor Alison Tabor, center, the grant writer, with Shelby Riddell and Jonathan Balmer, the two GC sophomores (at left) who will study in Brazil this fall, and Brazilians Felipe Lima and Leticia Cedro (right), who are studying at GC this semester. The four are taking some classes together.

Georgetown, KY – In part to mark the successful beginning of a new, special student exchange with Brazil, GC will celebrate “Carnaval” in the Montgomery Caf from 5:30-8 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 21. The public is invited; dinner is $10. For more details see this Facebook event.

Emily Brandon, Director of International Programs, said that Chef Miguel Rivas is preparing feijoada, among other Brazilian delicacies, and baking a King Cake (as Mardi Gras is the same date).

There will be live music, played primarily by international students, and videos projected on screens of Carnaval parades in Rio and other parts of Brazil.

The two Brazilians who are studying at GC this spring semester as part of this student exchange will be giving their “Carnaval input.” So will sophomore Jonathan Balmer, one of the two GC students who are learning Portuguese and will study in Brazil this coming fall semester. For more on the federal grant that will help Georgetown’s Education majors to spend a semester studying in Brazil, see the press release from a year ago.