Georgetown, KY – Naturally, GC alums never want to lose to the Pikeville Bears on the hardwood or any of the many playing fields. But, now alumni from GC and UPike are about to become embroiled in a first-ever fundraising contest – the winner of which will be announced between the women’s and men’s basketball games Feb. 2 in Davis-Reid Alumni Gym.

Amount does not count (well, we certainly won’t turn down overly-generous donations) – it’s the NUMBER of alumni donations that matter in this particular competition.

Here’s the catch:

(1)             The contest runs only January 23 through noon on February 2. (So, if you have already given this year, please consider giving even $10 during this time so we can beat dem Bears where it truly matters – fundraising for student scholarships!)

(2)             Only ONLINE gifts will count toward this contest. (And, don’t worry, we’ll remind you of when this short window of competition is about to begin via e-mail, Facebook and/or Twitter.)

Now’s a great time to show your Tiger Pride!