Dr. Rebbecca Pittenger Kaplan, GC's Spanish Immersion Coordinator, with Claudio Alvarez, chaperone of a visiting group of students from Temuco, Chile, on Chilean Independence Day in September.

Georgetown, KY – Georgetown College’s first-of-its-kind Spanish immersion program continues to pick up steam, especially anytime one of our representatives attends and/or presents at a national conference or a publication gets wind. In August, Inmersion en Espanol gained some more momentum with a story in The Liberal Educator, the publication of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).

Said Dr. Rebbecca Pittenger Kaplan, our Spanish Immersion Coordinator, “Publication of IEGC in The Language Educator lends further academic legitimacy to this innovative program. Basically, this publication has put IEGC in the hands of leading foreign language educators at home and around the world.”

Georgetown College Provost Rosemary Allen, a huge advocate of our Inmersion program who has gotten great satisfaction presenting IEGC, said, “It doesn’t surprise me that we continue to get national attention for this innovative initiative.  Every time I talk about the program, I see my colleagues at other institutions respond with admiration and (yes, I love this) envy.”

If you didn’t see the story on Inmersion en Espanol in the current Insights magazine, read here.