Georgetown College students have been working diligently to reach you over the past few months via our Fall Phon-a-Thon. If you noticed a call from 502-863-8000 on your caller ID, it’s from us!

Our students would love to talk to you and make it easier for you to be part of Every Tiger Every Year!

If you haven’t received a call this semester, fear not the Tiger…we will try you starting again in January!

You could very well be talking with someone from your hometown – including:

Portia Watson (Student Manager), Mount Washington, KY

Ciera Lowery (Student Supervisor), Mount Washington, KY

Josh Calihan, Stanford, KY

Alli Butler, Louisa, KY

Sharyl Higgins, Radcliff, KY

Allison Givens, Middlesboro, KY

Amanda Bennett, Louisville, KY

Elizabeth Stevens, Inez, KY

Sarah Parker, Middlesboro, KY

Whitney Gay, London, KY

Thomas Owens, Nicholasville, KY

Bill Ngha, Charlotte, NC

Hannah Maloy, Rush, KY

Ashley Martell, Pikeville, KY

Molly Shoulta, Louisville, KY

Morgan Floyd, Richmond, KY

Morgan Reeves, Louisville, KY

Let our students tell you about our Every Tiger Every Year campaign – and how important YOU are to GC!