Commissioner Tong

Commissioner Tong

On Tuesday (Oct. 18), Commissioner Donald Tong – the Hong Kong Commissioner for Economic and Trade Affairs – will be visiting Kentucky, and speaking at Georgetown College at 4 p.m. in the Ward Room of the Ensor Learning Resource Center. This free, special event is sponsored by the Global Scholars Program, GC Phi Beta Lambda, and the United Nations of Georgetown. The public is welcome, but come early as seating will be limited.

Former Gov. Martha Layne Collins, the College’s first Executive Scholar-in-Residence and co-architect of the Global Scholars Program, will introduce Mr. Tong. “Come Experience Hong Kong: The City Where the East Meets the West” is the topic of his presentation.

Tong is the most senior representative of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government in the U.S.  As Commissioner, he directs the HKSAR Government’s efforts in promoting U.S.-Hong Kong economic and trade ties, and constituency-building activities in the United States.

“The economic potential for a stronger relationship between Kentucky and Hong Kong is virtually unlimited,” said Business professor Scott Takacs. Serving also as advisor to the College’s Phi Beta Lambda chapter, he added, “Global trade is our opportunity to share what Kentucky does best with the rest of the world, and to bring what’s best in other countries to benefit Kentucky as well.  International trade is our future, and Hong Kong is the key to unlocking that potential.”

Emily Brandon, the College’s Director of International Programs, is particularly excited about introducing Georgetown’s students and guests from area institutions to economic thinking in the Far East.

As our students pursue careers in this broadening global marketplace, they need to be looking at and be informed about this part of the world,” said Brandon, who also serves as advisor to the United Nations of Georgetown.

“This is an especially great opportunity for our students interested in international business, including current junior Max Tsang who is from Hong Kong,” added Brandon.

Mr. Tong has a distinguished background in public service.  Immediately prior to becoming Commissioner for Economic and Trade Affairs, he was Deputy Secretary for Home Affairs, responsible for policy formulation on development of social enterprise and youth, promotion of civic education and human rights, regulation of gambling, legal aid, religious and data privacy matters.  He was also responsible for promoting Olympism and the organization of the Olympic and Paralympic Equestrian Events in Hong Kong in 2008.

During his Kentucky visit, Tong will be meeting with several State Senators on trade relations with Hong Kong, and will then travel to Covington and address the Northern Kentucky Chamber.  The following day he travels to Indiana, to meet with Governor Mitch Daniels and the Mayor of Indianapolis, Gregory A. Ballard, as well as make a presentation to the Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce.