Garvel Kindrick '85

Georgetown, KY – VP for Enrollment Garvel Kindrick ‘85 announced his resignation yesterday, but he isn’t straying far from his beloved alma mater as he takes on a new opportunity. He won’t actually be leaving his post until Sept. 30; then, for most of the academic year, there are plans for him to work part-time with our team that’s focused on reaffirming Georgetown College’s accreditation – something that takes place every 10 years with the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools (SACS).

In an e-mail to the campus community, he explained his difficult decision: “This has been my home for the past thirty years and even considering doing something different has been a bit difficult.  However, earlier this summer I was approached by a leading national enrollment management consulting firm, Ruffalo Cody, for a new position they have created:  Senior Report and Research Analyst. While Ruffalo Cody is based in Iowa, this position will allow me to work with colleges and universities all over the country “from home.” It was a difficult decision but one that seems to be best for me and my family at this time.  Georgetown College has been a vital part of my life and I look forward to engaging continually with the college in new and different ways.”

Kindrick’s announcement comes a little more than a week before new students move in, but the numbers – especially during hard economic times – are extraordinary.

He pointed out that:

  • the incoming class will be at least 8% over the size of last year’s class. 
  • we currently have schedules on 399 new students (compared to 360 or so about the same time last year). 
  • we currently have 843 returning students registered full-time (20 more than we have predicted to end up with). 

“I cannot say enough about the efforts made by many on campus to assist returning students in the face of lost federal and/or state government grants,” Kindrick wrote. “Part of the reason I’ve been at Georgetown so long is the dedicated people I’ve gotten to work with.”

Kindrick’s heart is also very much rooted in the Georgetown community. In December, he will become President of the Scott County/Georgetown Chamber of Commerce for the next year and then Past President the year after that.

His wife, Kimberly Stone Kindrick ’87 retired from the Kentucky Retirement Systems several years ago. They have two children – Jessica, a sophomore at Scott County High, and Kirsten, a sixth-grader at Scott Middle School.