Dr. Robert William Thompson ’96 is especially excited about  Homecoming 2011 (September 23-25) because he gets to be Ashland Menshouse at the annual Alumni/Faculty Book-signing on that Saturday morning and will autograph his debut novel.

Dr. Rob Thompson, an Atlanta pediatrician and now novelist, was a first-generation college student at Georgetown. He proudly pointed to two first cousins who attended GC after him – Tarra Williams Hutchinson ’06 and Cristina Williams ‘10.

“I’m also looking forward to connecting with a lot of my college friends,” said the Atlanta pediatrician, whom classmates will know as Rob.

“I chose the pseudonym Ashland Menshouse for a couple reasons.  It’s a family name and it separates my professional career from my glorified hobby,” said the native of Ashland (hence the first name). “Also, the name Rob Thompson is a little generic.”

The Last Seer and the Tomb of Enoch is about five kids who stumbled into a battle between a clan of Bigfoot and a ghost over an ancient tomb of buried angels. Thompson wrote, “It’s a young adult adventure blend of science fiction and spiritual fantasy, but so far adults who have read it have enjoyed it as well.”

The website is www.hoaker-croaker.com for a very kid-friendly reason that parents will appreciate. “There is no profanity, or sexual innuendo in the novel, since it’s written for kids,” he said. “And, instead of using ‘Darn’ or ‘Jeez’ – which are derivatives of other words – I created novel expletives for the kids to use. Hoaker Croaker! is one of them.”

Thompson had such a rich Georgetown College experience it’s no surprise some of that might be felt in the reading of The Last Seer… “My spiritual growth at GC certainly helped create a fruitful fund of knowledge on which to draw spiritual lessons and references written in the book,” he said.

A Dean’s List Chemistry and Biology double major who claimed both the General Chemistry and Organic Chem awards, Thompson also found time to be President of the Academic Team, a member of the Forensics Team and a copy editor for The Georgetonian. He was also a President’s Ambassador, a member of Lambda Chi fraternity and did some behind-the-scenes (sound and light) duty with College Maskrafters.

Thompson said he loves his “real job” as a pediatrician in the Emergency Department at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite. “Writing is something I’ve always enjoyed, but I have no intention of giving up my day job,” he wrote. “I went to school way too long to learn how to do it.”

But, take heart, Hoaker-Croaker fans! Thompson – er, Menshouse – is 30 chapters into his second novel and hopes to have a first draft by year’s end. For a title, he’s trying to choose between The Last Guardian and the Keeper of the Magi or The Last Seer and the Keeper of the Magi.  

I haven’t reconciled all the details yet,” Thompson wrote. “The second book is a continuation of the first, approximately six months later in book time, when an old and a new dark enemy attempt to rear an army of hidden creatures in Lake Julian.”

Calling All Alumni/Faculty Authors!

We are expecting close to 30 “GC authors” for the annual Homecoming Book-signing, but to participate you must confirm with Holly Hardesty at The Store. Contact her at holly_hardesty@georgetowncollege.edu or (502) 863-8135. Be certain to give her information such as: your graduation year (if a GC grad), what you are doing now (e.g. “English teacher at Scott County High), or what you did (and where) just prior to retirement.

In addition to Thompson, those confirmed are: current professors Joe Lunceford (New Testament) and James Klotter (History, the state historian of Kentucky; retired History professor Lindsey Apple; Interim Campus Minister Bryan Langlands; and alumni Phyllis Stump ’60, Bill Ellis ’62, and Rosalee Anderson ‘70 alum.