Georgetown, KY – Georgetown College takes the stand that a great liberal arts education is critical to becoming successful and/or socially responsible in today’s changing world. That makes preparing its students for graduate school now more vital than ever.

So, when U.S. News and World Report released a report earlier this month that percentage-wise Georgetown College was among the top 10 institutions that sent its students to graduate school within a year of graduation, GC Provost Rosemary Allen was gratified by what the recognition signifies.

“The capacity to get into grad school is one of the more important things an institution can give its students,” Dr. Allen said. “Our high level of acceptance rate is testimony not only to the quality of education our students receive, but also the personal investment our faculty make in writing quality letters of recommendation.”

She added, “Our faculty really know our students and they can write letters that reflect that knowledge.”

Dr. Allen knows that will matter to young people and the parents who are helping their student choose a college. So will this line from the U.S. News story: “For high schoolers interested in one day pursuing a graduate degree, it’s important to take note of the schools that are well versed in preparing students for the next level.”

Georgetown College – at 65 percent – was tenth among ranked colleges with the highest percentages of 2009 graduates that went on to pursue graduate degrees within a year. This is according to data provided by colleges to U.S News in a 2010 survey of undergraduate programs. Georgetown’s figure came from a survey of recent young alumni, said GC institutional research associate Jason Terwilliger.

Topping the list was Yeshiva University (NY) at 89 percent. Three of the next four were also New York institutions – SUNY College-Old Westbury, Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology, Hawaii Pacific University, and SUNY College of Technology-Delhi.